Applied Ethics and Current Affairs

There are questions one might like to answer through the lens of an applied ethicist. These may include answering questions such as:

  • Is Trump doing the right thing for future generations with regards to our environment?
  • Is there too much inequality in the world?
  • Why do people object to stem-cell research, and is it justified?
  • What are the ethical points of view when discussing overconsumption and excessive materialistic consumption?
  • What is humanity’s concerns with respect to artificial intelligence?

There are many other examples. Mostly because we are a value-judgement generating machine. Our biological impulse is to compare things (this is tied into our evolutionary psychology and serves its purpose). In effect, we can’t not make value judgments, even though we are taught to let go of the judgment of others; the human enterprise entirely consists of us making choices about what we think is more aesthetic to us in comparison to some other thing. This is true for ethical judgments, as it is true for all things that we can say have meaning or worth: science, art, literature, beauty, and so forth.



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