My name is Matthew. I am a writer who started this website as there are many questions one can and should explore before perishing. One day perhaps frail and senile but still possessing a semblance of sanity we may say—with psychological certainty at least—”I did what was possible to try to know the world around me and to see the beauty that is in everything”. I strongly desire to extend my passions to others, to those that are made from the same cloth. I aim to spread knowledge in a tasteful and sufficiently in-depth way. For we all seek knowledge, information, and understanding, which are necessary components of a mind that can attain peacefulness and quietude. No human being is exempt from this process. We all walk through similar paths, yet we create different impressions of them.

My work is featured on Owlcation.com, “a site created by educators and experts on topics related to education—sharing our unique expertise and knowledge about all things academic”.